Families in Global Transition conference for expats, TCKs, globally mobile,

It seems incredible that five years have passed since my first Families in Global Transition conference; forever infamous as the one where I had a complete (and very public) online meltdown at the eminence and credentials of my fellow presenters, only to have my cover blown by one Judy Rickatson* who is the expat online version of Wikipedia.

In that time, I’ve presented four times (which boggles my mind even as I write), served on the FIGT board for two terms, and had a behind the scenes pass to the most unique organization I have ever been part of. The initial promise of a welcoming blend of diverse experience and expertise has grown into a powerful, nurturing community of global nomads who have walked alongside me in the intervening years, and who I’m delighted to call friends.

Today, I looked back on the initial blog posts for the first time in three years, and was startled to discover that I now know every one of those early commentators. They not only folded me into their community, they are still pivotal parts of my ongoing journey. They’ve provided advice, support, hilarity, community and a cheering section whenever I’ve needed it – and believe me, I’ve needed it often.

But enough about me, because this is about you. You need to be at FIGT in Den Hague in March. I’m not the only one that wants to meet you – everyone I know does too. We want you to experience that warm welcome, that buzz of excitement at finding people who ‘get’ you, appreciate the challenges you’ve weathered and celebrate the fact that you’re still standing, and you’re still curious.

I want you to meet the people who have raised me – the ‘Trisha’s,’ Jo’s, ‘Norman’s ‘Apple’s, ‘Judy’s, ‘Julia’s, ‘Ellen’s, ‘Maryam’s’ ‘Tina’s ‘Lois’s’ ‘Katia’s, ‘Kilian’s’ and so, so many more. They may not all be there in person, but they’ll be there in the stories, in hearts and in the uniquely grounded, nurturing culture that FIGT provides. But even more, I want FIGT to be part of your journey, to discover the people and the lessons that will change your life and to be one of the brilliant new faces that keep us enchanted, engaged and energized, every year.

It’s where you belong.

You can find more details about the FIGT conference – and the incredible lineup – here, and if you are coming, let me know! I’d love to share a moment, a coffee, a seat or a story with you.